Research Coordinators

Research is very important to surgeons at St. Paul’s, which is why we have a dedicated team that manages and runs our research studies.

During your time at St. Paul’s, under the care of our surgeons, you may be approached to participate in a research study if you meet the eligibility criteria. Participation is completely voluntary and you will receive the best possible care whether or not you choose to enroll in any studies.


Our Team:


Nathan Christopher Lee




Jerry Liu (for privacy reasons, here's an otter)


Willis Cao


Contact Info

(604) 682-2344 x. 66066


Past Team Members

Tina Madani Kia, Kang Mu (David) Yoo, Anna Girard, Gale Ladua, Simya, Amanda, Grace, Jessie, Rohan, Elaine, Azra, Vincent, Cindy, Zach, Chad, Hong, Phoebe, Palak, Jaclyn, Jennifer, Jun, Ada, Devang, Stella