Inpatient Surgery

Most of the surgeries done with the colorectal surgeons will be inpatient surgeries, which simply means that you will be required to stay in the hospital following your operation. Your exact length of stay will depend on the exact type of procedure and your own personal recovery.

Once you have consented to surgery, it is good to start preparing yourself for your procedure. In this section, you will find resources that can help guide you through the process of having surgery, with instructions and helpful hints every step of the way. There is also an FAQ section that can help you with some of the logistics surrounding the surgery.

If you have any questions remaining, you can always feel free to contact your surgeon’s office for more details.


Bowel Surgery – Guide to Recovery (Booklet with tips and instructions regarding every step of the process)

Preparing for Surgery at Providence Health Care (Video that gives general information on what to expect when coming in for surgery)

Rectal Cancer Surgery Educational Video (Video giving specific information on rectal cancer surgeries)