Stoma Care

At this point, you have likely been told by your surgeon that bowel surgery is necessary.

In particular, you have been told that you may or will require an ostomy (otherwise known as a stoma, ileostomy, or colostomy) created on your abdomen. Learning how to take care of an ostomy and adjusting to a "new normal" can be both physically and mentally challenging. In order to assist with your surgical recovery, completing some simple online education before your surgery can help you learn and adjust more quickly.

You do not need to remember everything, but your post-operative experience will be easier if you have seen the information listed here prior to coming to the hospital.

Pre-Admission Clinic Visit

Prior to your surgery, you will meet an Ostomy Nurse at your Pre-Admission Clinic appointment at St. Paul's Hospital who will be able to answer any questions you might have as well as provide some basic training.

The Ostomy Nurse will also place a mark on your abdomen where your stoma will be placed by the surgeon. You will go home with a pouch applied to your abdomen. You can practice opening and closing the bottom and emptying the pouch prior to coming to the hospital.

After your surgery, the Ostomy Nurse will also teach you how to change your appliance, assist with ordering all of your supplies, and arrange any necessary ostomy follow-up.

Prior to Your Pre-Admission Clinic Visit

Your surgeon should have told you which type of ostomy you will most likely receive once you are in the hospital. Please click on the appropriate ostomy below and complete the recommended education, which consists of some short videos as well as an educational booklet. If you do not know the type of ostomy that will be constructed on your abdomen, follow the ileostomy information provided. We will clarify everything when you come to the Pre-Admission Clinic. 

If you have questions before coming to the hospital, please contact the Providence Health Ostomy Nurses (for St. Paul's Hospital and Mt. St. Joseph's Hospital) at the following:

Phone number: (604) 682-2344, extension 62917

Email: phcwoundostomyteam(at)

To begin, click on the type of ostomy below that is planned for you. If you do not know, please contact your surgeon's office.