Research is necessary in order to find innovative ways of treating patients and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of new methods. It offers many possible benefits to patients, as it can allow them access to new procedures and treatments, and affords patients the opportunity to benefit others patients in the future.

The colorectal surgery program at St. Paul’s is a research centre, which means you may be asked to participate in a study during your care. While we would appreciate your participation in our ongoing efforts to improve the treatment of patients with cancer, colitis and other colorectal diseases, you are under no obligation to join our research endeavours. If you do not participate, you will still receive the best possible care while treated by our colorectal surgery team.

In this section, you will be able to find information on current studies being conducted with our group, as well as see some publications that have come about as a result of past studies. Individuals who are interested in being a part of our research team can also find more information about that here.